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Berlin Ausklappbar. 2009

Atelier Langer, Berlin.

Installation, manipulated maps and table, variable dimensions





Berlin Ausklappbar (Berlin unfolded) consists of an indefinite number of volumetric manipulations performed directly on the surface of the tourist maps of the city of Berlin. Such manipulations of the material are based on Josef Albers preliminary Course Papier-Räume (paper spaces) exercises on the Bauhaus –Dessau. The result is a series of small paper models of various dimensions and shapes presented on a large table forming a landscape; a large model of models.

The maps cede their function as a tool for guidance, and are approached as three-dimensional sketches, working models, usage models. The nature of the map breaks down, is fragmented and disassembled in a game between origami and metaphorical allusions. Consequently, the routes travelled on the map become blurred, to unfold and to fold; two actions that are repeated countless times when making widespread use of the map in an unfamiliar city.

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