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Cartography of Nostalgia. 2000

Arco, Moriarty Gallery, Madrid, 2003

Testimony Collection, La Caixa, Barcelona. 2003

Series of five works

“Cartography 2” Marine chart, silk stockings, polymer photogravure 74x115 cm



In the series Cartography of Nostalgia objects and clothing are placed on top of various marine charts. At the same time, graphical and cartographic information is spread out on the textile surface of the garments. Nautical maps that contain other memory maps where the journey, the magnitude of the displacement, the time and the distances, and nostalgia is charted…

The nautical charts are special in that they show that which is unseen. To map and fix a point on the surface of a marine chart has something of the delocalised and impossible; as improbable as it is to find the biographical detail in the skin’s vast topography.

Karl Schögel says that the cartographic representation answers juxtaposition and simultaneity (...) and shows us how interwoven all aspects of life are with cartographic images. (Im Raume lesen wir die Zeit, Karl Schlögel, 2003).

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