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Plantes grimpadores (Climbing Plants) 1989

Mercat de les Flors municipal theatre, Barcelona

Action-Art cycle. Curator: Glòria Picazo

Site-specific intervention. Foyer and first floor of the Mercat de les Flors Theatre.

Various materials, sound recording.


Pseudo-organic sculptural artefacts that grow in the same way as creeper plants, occupying the theatre foyer. These plant-machines take on a human character, the sigh, which transforms them into living artefacts able to express desires. The gigantic scale of the scene emphasizes the dreamlike and fictitious character of the scene. Through their slow, quiet and light sigh, they grow and grow, with the air exhausting our breath.

The plant species are no longer passive and become something of a threat. A nightmare scene, as in Pere Calders’ story “L’Hedera Hèlix” in Chronicles of the hidden truth.


“At a time like this where the constant contaminations between the different areas of creation are often spoken about, which has led to the establishment of some very specific guidelines during the second half of the eighties, it lends itself to the integration of the largest number of disciplines in order to become the «core of contemporary culture».

The four proposals selected for 1989 have been designed exclusively for the Mercat de les Flors, taking into account its architectural characteristics as well as the determining factor of a public space not ordinarily dedicated to presenting contemporary art. All of them try to impose themselves on the eyes of some spectators that are going to see a show, who then also meet with an additional artistic proposal upon arriving at the Mercat de les Flors.

Based on this premise, the installations seek the spectator’s participation; integrating it to achieve their final objectives ...they propose a playful intervention in the sumptuous space of the Mercat de les Flors: the artificial and voiced climbing plants of Àngels Viladomiu spreading across the foyer and the first floor”. Glòria Picazo, 1989.

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