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Sant Jordi a la UB 2016

Sant Jordi at the UB: 2016. Variety: contemporary hybrid.

Co-authored with Marta Negre


Poster “Diada de Sant Jordi” / Institutional commission of the UB

Limited edition of 50 copies Guarro cotton paper, 94x69 cm signed and numbered by the artists

The poster represents the process of hybridization of a new variety of rose using the method of automatic fertilization of the renowned Catalan hybridizer Pere Dot (1885-1976). This new variety of rose is named Sant Jordi at the UB · 2016 and its breeders are the artists themselves.

In a graphical way, the poster shows that the hybridization action and the creation action become synonymous, the gardener's tools are confused with those of the artist. In both, the result is the consequence of an artificial crossing, either from individuals of different species, or in the use of means, materials and objects of a different nature.

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