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Herbarium Nigrum 2018

Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona.


Dry plants on black cotton paper, mixed techniques

Plants: Achillea millefolium, Conyza, Phlomis lychnitis, Helleborus orientalis, Foeniculum vulgare, Geranium pratense, Equisetum, Clematis vidalba, Solanum melongena, Rosaceae, ...29’5x42cm (e.u.)

Herbarium Nigrum_1.jpg

Herbarium Nigrum is composed of a series of flowering plants pressed or waxed using the conservation techniques of ancient herbariums. The plants contained in this herbarium have been recollected in gardens and orchards, as well as in the Pyrenean meadows. Therefore, are common plants that have no peculiar or exotic features, yet their morphology fascinates us.

The artist takes the patient's and meticulous way of making of the botanist to decipher the hidden nature of flowers. If we speculate on the fact that plants and flowers have their own language, surely this is unfolded with exuberant complexity, and in order to interpret it, the poetic gesture of the artist becomes necessary.

The plants have been carefully placed on sheets of black cotton paper. The measurements of this support match the size of a herbal fold. Each plant interacts with very different elements: grids, shapes, geometries, codes and languages.

The Herbarium is still a time capsule, a deposit, a place to revisited our memory, our present and past.

This work is the result of a study of the old Botanical Cabinets, and it has been possible thanks to the collaboration with scientists from BC Herbarium, Botanic Institute of Barcelona.

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