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Dendrographies (Leaf-shaped maps) 2013

Installation. Pressed tree leaves: birch, elm, ash, alder, beech, oak, linden, poplar, chestnut, walnut, London plane, maple,… ; Letraset.

Variable dimensions




A collection of pressed leaves of various tree species arranged directly on the wall, forming areas of density or small islands. Their arrangement perpendicular to the wall allows for a view of both the back and front of the leaves. On the veins of each type of leaf we find the street names linked to their species: Under the Linden avenue, Linden square, Linden street, Linden road, Linden field...

Most of the leaves that make up this installation have been collected precisely on walks through the streets that bear their name. We find these same streets compiled and traversed in Spazieren in Berlin (Walks through Berlin) by Franz Hessel, where the linden, acacia and oak trees are faithful witnesses to the city’s transformation.

Each leaf is a map fragment that contains a place. Places that exist in the real space of the city and that have been herborized. Leaf-shaped maps that represent the city’s arboreal space.

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