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Dendromap. 2013

Berlin map scale 1:22, pressed tree leaves, magnifying glasses.

193x138x8 cm





On the endless surface of the city map we leave the gaze to drift, sometimes seeking something known, other times at random. In Dendromap, on the map of the city there are already some peculiar focal points. Each leaf-tree is a magnifying glass that focuses on and enlarges an area of the map for us. All of the selected points have something in common; they are areas with lots of names of tree species.

A peculiar aspect of this map is that one can zoom in and discover information available at a different level of cartography. The city plant returns the leaf pattern to us and vice versa.

Finally, the links on the map allow us to navigate through a botanical collection of city streets. Because in reality, to collect streets is what the artist proposes botanizing the asphalt. Walter Benjamin (Die Gemächtlichkeit dieser Schilderei passt zu dem Habitus des Flaneurs, der auf dem Asphalt botanisieren Der Flaneur, Walter Benjamin).

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