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Tattooed Garment. 2003

Moriarty Gallery/ Madrid/ 2003

Polyptych of 15 display cases, garments and clothing accessories, polymer photogravure technique.

Variable dimensions (aprox 1’5 x 3’60 m)



Various pieces of children’s clothing and underwear become the support of this installation. Garments that have been manipulated by the photogravure technique, then starched and deposited inside the display cases, are exhibited in the manner of a mosaic. A mosaic that presents -as if it were in an ethnographic museum- a map of connections between generations and cultures whitin the same family.

Tattooed Garment talks to us about that second skin that from childhood simultaneously protects and hides us. On the back of the garments we find printed texts, images, photographs and fragments of private stories: skin-deep handwriting.

“Probably, if the viewer could decipher what the texts contain and had the necessary information to find the relations between the different components of this cryptic family archive, the details of the nostalgic narrative would be defined. But one cannot claim to penetrate the intimate story of another, even if this other is an artist; one can only obtain a vague sketch of how poignant lives can be. The beautiful suggestions of Àngels Viladomiu add to the visitor’s bewilderment: upon leaving the room they discover that they have looked without seeing “. María García Yelo, Cultural, ABC, 27/04/2003

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