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Three Infinities 1995

Moriaty Gallery Madrid

Collection of Reina Sofía National Art Museum, Madrid

Private collectors

Artworks using various materials and techniques



The infinite as a journey, as a path, as an endless column. The infinite as a symbol, different formalizations of the concept of infinity through the combination and spatial arrangement of objects, materials and images. The problematic of limits approached with an infinite measure. In Waldweg (path in the forest) the firs delineate a winding path and are arranged in a staggered format to elicit the visual sensation of flight.

“Movement is a very present element in the works of this exhibition and constructs a directionality that ranges from the tiny and small to the infinite. Infinite numbered from one to three is the title of the three essential works of Viladomiu’s expression of movement: Infinite-1 is perhaps the most pictorial, and simultaneously the most sculptural, work of the series, offering the illusion of a path on an iron sheet and, in perspective, over a corner of the room, where one presumes there is access to the other side of all the mountains; In Infinity-2 porcelain swallows are used to construct a Moebius curve, as if the tastelessness seeks an infinite tension, while Infinity-3 sets up a column composed of tree trunks linked by the saws that previously cut them down. The work of À. Viladomiu rejects novelties to pose, in an extremely delicate manner, the profoundness in things.” Santiago B. Olmo. Làpiz, nº116.

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