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“40 Letterboxes” (Akyab-Chittagong, 1876-1883). 2003

Moriarty Gallery/ Madrid/ 2003

Partially Private owned property

Boxes – display cases, various objects, acid etched glass

Variable dimensions



This series is composed of a specific number of letterboxes, corresponding to the pages of the 40 existing letters. These boxes vary in format depending on the original size of the letters, while the glass has in turn been acid etched with the contents of the letters. The nuanced effect of the acid on the glass ensures that the handwriting in the letters, transferred onto the surface of the glass using negatives, is virtually invisible and only appears with lighting. Here the handwriting and the holes of the letters play an important role; they ensure that the contents of the boxes remain diluted and half hidden behind the glass. Through these spaces we focus on the contents of the boxes: objects, photographs and images that refer to the events described in the letters while transporting us to exotic worlds and times past, such as the colonial Victorian era.

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