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Paisatges plegats (Folded Landscapes). 2003

Eina, Privat Foundation, Barcelona

Silkscreen printing on Magnani paper, die handling

100x10 cm/ 20 folds every 4’5 cm




A series of pop-up landscapes made through silkscreen printing on paper and subsequently folded with the splitting technique to endow them with spatial sense.

Inside the “Traveller’s Manual” of Baedecker possible topographies are opened and unfolded. These manuals, beyond their practical function as travel or hiking guides, are sui generis documents; they document density, establish relations and replicate mental maps, Karl Schlögel tells us in Im Raume lesen wir die Zeit (Space we read the time), 2003.

Folded Landscapes, far from wanting to fulfil the function of the Wandernführer (hiking guide), given that they do not reference or represent any existing or concrete landscape, share with these guides their pocket edition format: they are distributable, portable and manipulable. Folded Landscapes takes effect in the moment that the user unfolds and shapes diverse landscapes.

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