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Plantes Rares, (plec de treball, Farrera) 2017

© Àngels Viladomiu

© Isabel Codina, Àngels Viladomiu (pictures)

Publisher in conjunction with Centre d’Art i Natura Farrera

portada_plantes rares_Aviladomiu.jpg

Artist book, 68 pages,   2017

Edition of 100 copies numbered and signed by the artist

D.L.: B7645-2017

This artist book is part of the artistic project Plantes rares developed with the grant to creation (2014) awarded by the Centre d’Art i Natura (CAN), Farrera, Pallars Sobirà.

This publication brings together the research develop at the project. In this book you will not find scientific rigour, though it does in a certain way adopt the appearance of special kind of guide to ethnobotany from an artistic standpoint. This book with its varied contents, offers a hybrid space that records the experience of the artist who adopts the role of field researcher and gathers the testimony of a space: the space where mosses and people meet. The production of a book is a journey in space-time, that gives us the magical possibility of being in different places at the same moment. The book is crowded with experiences, histories, people, plants, in fact with spaces, spaces of memory.

The book is divided in three parts under a single cover, the roof of the church of Sant Roc de Farrera. The first part introduces the project and provides the most significant documentation. The second consists of an illustrated catalogue of Plantes rares of Farrera with the locations where they were found: on the stone walls of houses, barns and ruins, on slate roofs, by the sides of roads and paths, on fountains, on the trough, in the cemetery, in gardens and orchards, on the bark of the trees and even inside some of the houses in Farrera. The photographs of the mosses were made with the help of a binocular lens. Finally, the third part reproduces a facsimile of the most representative pages of the Plec de treball working records made in Farrera by the artist.

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