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PLEC (work/travel)  takes the structure of a botanical herbarium sheet ( Plec d’herbari, Pliego de herbario, Herbarbogen).

The folds are composed through the basic principle of collage: assemble and connect fragments. These fragments are formed by gathering information (notes, addresses, papers, tests, handouts, ...). The arrangement and rearrangement of these parts imply the association of ideas. 

It is a resource to preserve various inputs in the process of work. Inside the fold is developing an informative juxtaposition, coexisting two ways to register, on one side appears workspace and on the other it becomes a dietary. 

Understood as a growing space, it is equivalent to the space of the gardener who cultivates and sow, and where the act of planting is synonymous of fertilize ideas so that the projects flourish, flow, and follow their course.

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