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Radical Botany 2013

Exhibition Díscola Menopausa. Radical Politics, FemArt.           Ca la Dona, Barcelona.


Site-specific horticultural intervention/ Medicinal plants, furniture and various materials/ Medicinal plants: Valerian, Peppermint, Sage, Melissa, Thyme/ Herbs infusion: Licorice, Mint, Sage, Yarrow, Melissa, Perico

Radical Botany consists of the creation of a horticultural space in the orchard of the Ca la Dona building, dedicated to menopause through the creation of a specific section of medicinal or curative plants traditionally used to combat or alleviate various symptoms of menopause. The intervention in the orchard is complemented by a nucleus of documentation and exchange within the exhibition, where conferences, meetings, gatherings, etc. are scheduled. In this space it can also be taste the tea Botanica radical.

Radical Botany is proposed as a space for the expression of identities, to grow an orchard garden has become an act of resistance, but this is not only a gesture of rejection, it is also a positive act. In this sense, the orchard serves as a place of articulation for the exchange, experimentation and critical projection of the exhibition. The artist Barbara Nemitz reaffirms that plants are radical subjects, from radicalis (...) that which is firmly rooted. In the project Radical Botany the cultivated plants are radical as they return us to the root of the problem-topic.

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