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Taquigrafies (Stenography). 2003

ARCO/ Moriarty Gallery / Madrid

22 cotton socks/ polymer photogravure/Dimensions 87x130cm

10 cotton dishcloths /computer embroidered




Taquigrafies (Stenography) includes diverse series of works that adopt, as an expressive resource, certain jobs/occupations traditionally done by women. The series explores the communicative limits and capabilities of these practices comparing the domestic domain with the public domain.

The textile surface of a collection of socks is the base upon which various stenography texts have been transcribed and signs coded. The dynamic writing is spread out across a mosaic of socks where writing and signs are superimposed to represent the rapid passing of time, dissipated sequences of the game as well as pastimes.

Banal objects that in their harmlessness share the welcoming of dynamic writing, short strokes, abbreviations and enigmatic characters weaving a plot replete with content that is difficult to decipher.

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