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Trossos Intrusos 1987- 89

Collage sculptures, wall sculptures, installations.

Materials and diverse techniques.





Trossos Intrusos (Intrusive Fragments) is the title of the exhibition celebrated at the Art School in Reus in 1987 and whose works were, thereafter, selected and shown in the Biennial 87 Youth Cultural Productions of Mediterranean Europe. In 1988 under the same title I edited my first artist’s book, Trossos Intrusos, which contained a series of collages made between Berlin and Barcelona, interweaving material collected in both cities. The idea of intrusion and fragmentation represents the initial conception of my artistic research in a mixed territory between the language of sculpture and collage, and between the poetics of objects and the spatial/material connotations of sculpture.

“Àngels Viladomiu’s sculptures play with concepts such as the displacement of ideas, situations and materials, the simulacrum and disappearance of transferences and convections, in the presence of a mosaic effect. Objects and materials adrift, fragments found or sought, are articulated following the fundamental laws that govern the principles of the collage.

As a collector of materials, her sculptures are also structured in collections, in series that have as their reference the materials qualities; and that have in the living space the starting point for abstractions and inventions, and conceptual desires, as are the observant characters. Globally, her pieces combine a measure of a beautician’s will, while taking into account a certain sociological irony, translated into visual gags, a visual poetics and the intrusion of certain distasteful touches that arise from rampant evidence of everyday kitsch, from cool, shiny and angular materials, they approximate others, corroded and dull, in a diversion of artificiality and functions.

Speaking of simulations has often alluded to seductiveness. Within this undefined space where realities and simulations fluctuate, seduction is an attribute that tends to have a covert presence, one that captivates with personal spells and ingenious traps”. Trossos Intrusos, Glòria Picazo, 1987

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