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Unwesen Series 1990

Antonio de Barnola Gallery Barcelona, 1990

Guasch Coranty Award, Capella de Sant Roc, Valls, 1991

Private Collectors

Various materials and techniques.


The title Unwesen encompasses a series of sculptural works with a common denominator: certain abnormal states, a product of the disorder or confusion of nature. Descompound the German word –Wesen -, in reference to the quintessence of a thing Unwesen highlights the unstable nature of beings and things as a result of the interventionist efforts of human action.

Art makes absurd identifications and harmony between opposites possible, including enemies transforming the executioner into the role of victim or vice versa. In fact, similar processes are also to be found in the biological processes of nature where parasites and parasitised species enter into a conflict of mutual dependency.

“It is the crossbreeding between the instrument and the place in its totality, between the kitsch detail, the insignificant object, and the insinuated action, between creep, approach and hidden aggression.

The images reveal themselves piece by piece, like segments of a useless memory. They come from our world, but escape from it in order to create an otherness, a fiction of situations as attractive as improbable, favouring irritable encounters. They are precise images drawn in the barren existence of anonymity, from the outside; they are images of unsettlement, of the referential emptiness that invades man”.

Intrusion and Familiarity, Teresa Blanch, 1991

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