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“Volada 1” Letters from Burma.2001

ARCO Moriarty Gallery, Madrid, February 2002. (DenysVonArend Studio) Private collection, Barcelona

Volada 3; Volada 4 Private collection Berlin/Frankfurt

8o porcelain swallows manipulated using the photogravure technique.



A path, an escape or a flight of birds, where every swallow is a fragment of a letter containing handwriting, graphics, text, documents and photographs. The dynamic arrangement of the whole draws a path on the wall that speaks to us of migrations, the journey, the magnitude of displacement, the perception of distances, while each small unique element represents a piece of privacy.

Volada 1 (Flight 1) reflects on that space between sender and recipient, between the West and the East. To send and receive letters is also a way to travel and map, to experience places. It is precisely in the reciprocity of the epistolary documents that their wealth is to be found.

According to Brinckenhoff, the interpretation of the road, path, track as a metaphor of our journey on earth has had many variations, representing those difficulties that we encounter on our journey through life. (A Sense of Place, a Sense of Time. Jackson John Brinckerhoff).

In this sense, Volada 1 reconstructs a vital path before the passing of time blurs it. Under the same title various versions have been realised, always with the same kind of manipulated swallows, with variations in the number of units and in the gesture of flight across the wall.

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