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Wanderlust 1995-99

"Wanderlust" Moriarty Gallery Madrid, 1997-98

ARCO Gallery Moriarty Madrid, 1998

“You will never amount to anything” Moriarty Gallery Madrid, 1999

“30 Eines 1967-1997” Santa Mònica Art Centre Barcelona, 1998


Coca-Cola collection/ Coritel collection

Eina Foundation Art Fund /Private collections

Wall pieces Series / materials and techniques diverse


The Wanderlust series presents different types of landscapes composed of paths of various kinds. Roads, paths, routes, trails that are situated on the empty space of the picture, the paper, or the wall.

The German term Wanderlust, contextualized in Romanticism, refers to that extraordinary desire/impulse to travel and explore the world. Furthermore, wandern also describes the action of walking-strolling without any particular goal or destination. Thus, in the subversive detour of the walk –wandern– we reconstruct a scenic route straddling the landscape of ideas and the landscape of experience.

In this sense, all the works in this series play with the artifice of perspective, either through conceptual assemblage or a more graphic treatment. Often it is about paths with a defined route, although since its credible transcription with the axonometric system, these paths are clearly impossible, which lead us to decentralized points.

“One travels as a result of this desire to be open to the unexpected and unknown, but one also starts the movement of abandoning what is close by investigating the landscapes. To Viladomiu, the way these landscapes fold is the reason that the images of fleeing and fleeting horizons are created, of pieces that reflect on the expanded horizon of the creation”. The pleasure of the journey Miguel Copón (1998).

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